The Age of Faith

A History of Medieval Civilization—Christian, Islamic, and Judaic—from Constantine to Dante: A.D. 325–1300

Will Durant

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To the Reader

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Chapter I: Julian the Apostate

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Chapter II: The Triumph of the Barbarians

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Chapter III: The Progress of Christianity

Chapter IV: Europe Takes Form

Chapter V: Justinian

Chapter VI: Byzantine Civilization

Chapter VII: The Persians

Chapter VIII: Mohammed

Chapter IX: The Koran

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Chapter X: The Sword of Islam

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Chapter XI: The Islamic Scene

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Chapter XII: Thought and Art in Eastern Islam

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Chapter XIII: Western Islam

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Chapter XIV: The Grandeur and Decline of Islam

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Chapter XV: The Talmud

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Chapter XVI: The Medieval Jews

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Chapter XVII: The Mind and Heart of the Jew

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Chapter XVIII: The Byzantine World

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Chapter XIX: The Decline of the West

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Chapter XX: The Rise of the North

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Chapter XXI: Christianity in Conflict

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Chapter XXII: Feudalism and Chivalry

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Chapter XXIII: The Crusades

Chapter XXIV: The Economic Revolution

Chapter XXV: The Recovery of Europe

Chapter XXVI: Pre-Renaissance Italy

Chapter XXVII: The Roman Catholic Church

Chapter XXVIII: The Early Inquisition

Chapter XXIX: Monks and Friars

Chapter XXX: The Morals and Manners of Christendom

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Chapter XXXI: The Resurrection of the Arts

Chapter XXXII: The Gothic Flowering

Chapter XXXIII: Medieval Music

Chapter XXXIV: The Transmission of Knowledge

Chapter XXXV: Abélard

Chapter XXXVI: The Adventure of Reason

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Chapter XXXVII: Christian Science

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Chapter XXXVIII: The Age of Romance

Chapter XXXIX: Dante

Epilogue: The Medieval Legacy

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