The Making of Prince of Persia

Journals 1985-1993

Jordan Mechner

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You know the end is in sight when you start thinking about the sequel.

  • p. 151 (Stripe Press, 2020)

I just can't get over the way you can decide to do something and then the next thing you know, it's really happening.

  • p. 249 (Stripe Press, 2020)

"What, exactly, am I waiting for?" I know what I want to do with my life. Why not just do it?

  • p. 253 (Stripe Press, 2020)

The awful thing is, now that I have money, I feel the urge to keep it.

  • p. 300 (Stripe Press, 2020)

Whatever happens, it won't be my excesses I'll regret, it'll be the things I held myself back from doing.

  • p. 300 (Stripe Press, 2020)

Designating a particular moment as the end of a story is in some sense arbitrary, because life just keeps going on...

  • p. 305 (Stripe Press, 2020)

People like you better if you stand up for yourself.

  • (Stripe Press, 2020)