born in 771 BC; died in 717 BC (age ~54)

founder of Rome

Quotes (About)

Afterwards he, as most, nay all men, very few excepted, do, who are raised by great and miraculous good-haps of fortune to power and greatness, so, I say, did he; relying upon his own great actions, and growing of a haughtier mind, he forsook his popular behavior for kingly arrogance, odious to the people; to whom in the particular the state which he assumed was hateful.

  • Plutarch
  • Romulus would have but openly betrayed how much he had encroached on his neighbors' lands, had he ever set limits to his own; for boundaries are, indeed, a defence to those who choose to observe them, but are only a testimony against the dishonesty of those who break through them.

  • Plutarch